Leolina & Jeffrey Campbell

Leolina here

Jeffrey Campbell Lita here

I was supposed to have five Jeffrey Campbells in my shoe closet, but I only have four. Why? When I opned the shoe box, I saw that those shoes I got were used. Wtf? I got really mad at first. Honestly; who sends out used shoes from a serious web shop, but when I thought about it I actually saved 1700 kroners, which is about 300 dollars.

I know I sound like those people; but what a fantastic day! First of all; I have the best colleagues in the world. We had so much fun today. I played Santa Claus and bought chocolates for everyone because they all deserve it. After work, I picked up these beautiful shoes and then I worked out. Zumba was so fun. When I came home, I had sushi and saw 'Letters to Juliet'. This movie is just so amazing. I loved it. 

My boyfriend and his friends are out for dinner, so I have the whole apartment to myself. I finally can girly things. You know... Like listen to Britney Spears, while I'm fixing my nails.

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